Good news from our partner organization CARE Korea.

Recently, they have built a new shelter to temporarily house dogs waiting for families to adopt them. This shelter has been aptly named “RUN”, and contains a big fenced yards for the rescued dogs to play with friends and run around in. The shelter has been built in Hwaseong city. Gyeonggi-do Province and allows a small number of dogs to be housed in clean and proper conditions while they wait for adoption. Volunteers also come on a regular basis to help with cleaning and playing.

As can be seen in the video, the rescued dogs really enjoy playing in their garden. In shelters such as the ARK shelter, dogs cannot go out for a daily walk due to the huge number of dogs and lack of hands to walk all of them. Also, not all of the ARK shelter dogs can be moved to the RUN shelter (a few of them have been moved).

If you would like to help out at the RUN center, get in touch with DARI so we can forward your volunteering request to the RUN center.


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