“Why would you bring a dog meant for eating into your home?”

The relatively large dog Yomi, after being rescued by CARE from a dog meat factory in Uljin city, received treatment at a hospital and was subsequently placed in a temporarily foster family. However, due to continuing negative stares and complaints from neighbors, the temporarily foster family could not keep fostering Yomi and decided to return him to CARE. Yomi returned to one of CARE’s shelters.

But then, good news. Yomi’s furry brother ‘Rangi’ was succesfully adopted overseas, and his temporarily foster family in Korea ran to the CARE shelter to take care of Yomi too.

Yomi is now in his second foster family home, playing with the family’s Welsh Corgi and going on walks together. The CARE adoption team has promised Yomi:

We will find a forever home for you abroad, just like your brother Rangi.

In Korea, where dogs are slaughtered for the meat consumption, Yomi would be seen merely as meat, wherever he would go.


Please help Yomi.


Support CARE.

Support the ARK shelter.

Adopt through DARI.

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