Digital Adoption

Digital Adoption is a way for people who cannot afford to adopt a dog, to still improve the living standards of dogs at the ARK shelter.
You pick a dog, and become their monthly supporter!
In exchange for a monthly donation, we sent you monthly updates of your favorite dog by e-mail.

Monthly updates are send on the last week of every month. You will receive your first update in the month following your initial donation.

Although we understand that you might like your donation to go towards your adopted dog, the reality is that many dogs at the ARK shelter have needs that require meeting.

Therefore, all donations received through Digital Adoption are put together and will be spend on those who need it most 🙂



Donations are donated towards the ARK Shelter (80%) and DARI (20%).

Monthly donations upwards of $100 are partially donated towards a dog of your choosing:

($40 to a dog of your choice, $40 to the ARK shelter as a general donation, $20 to DARI).


The DARI mascot program is a special monthly donation package for group donations.
This is ideal for sports club or friend groups wanting a furry friend from a distance!

In exchange for a monthly $300 donation, the donator receives:

  • A monthly status update on your dog including pictures.
  • Your dog is taken for a monthly day-trip! We will take professional photos of the dog with your group or club logo visible.
  • Your dog receives a one-time DARI wellness surprise package with goodies.

*Please note that the dog will remain available for adoption by others.

Questions? Contact us!

Unsubscribing? To change or cancel your monthly payment, log in to your PayPal account, go to Profile, and click My money. Update your agreement in the “My pre-approved payments” section.