Cooper / 3 / 42KG

사람의 관심을 끌려고 항상 밥그릇으로 드럼을 치면서 자기존재를 알림.본인은 호기심이나 놀자고 무는데 무는 강도가 사람입장에선 아픈편이라 주의해야함 귀긁어주는걸 좋아함

Cooper plays drum with her bowl to draw people’s attention. He could bite people out of curiousity to play with, but be careful, as it could hurt a bit. She likes you to scratch her ears.

다른아이들과 다툼/ Sometimes fights with other dogs

매년 접종 및 매달 심장사상충 약 복용 / Inoculated annually and receives monthly heartworm medication

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