Kelly / 3 / 32KG

개농장에 있을 때, 옆 아이한테 꼬리를 물려 꼬리가 짧음. 사람을 많이 좋아하고, 특히 아이들과도 잘 지냄.

공놀이 좋아함. 짖음 없음.식탐이 많은편이고 청소하러 들어가면 호기심이 많아서 신문지등 사람 손에 있는걸 본인이 가져감

Kelly has a short tail as she was bitten by her friend when living in dog farm.

She loves people and plays well particularly with kids. Enjoys playing with ball. Doesn’t bark. Loves food.

So curious that she takes what you bring in your hand when you clean up the cage.

매년 접종 및 매달 심장사상충 약 복용 / Inoculated annually and receives monthly heartworm medication

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