Nux / 3 / 27KG

귀여운 외모의 눅스는 산책왕.

누워있다가 가까이 가면 천천히 일어나서 반겨줌 견사안에서는 얌전하게 있고 자길 만져달라고 앞발로 툭툭 건드리는데 만지다가 안만지면 다시 만져달라고 건드림

Cutie face Nux is really great at taking a walk. Lying in the cage, she slowly stands up to welcome you.

She behaves well in the cage. She will touch you with her paw to ask you to pet her. If you stop petting her, she will knock you again to ask you pet more.

다른아이들과 다툼/ Sometimes fights with other dogs

매년 접종 및 매달 심장사상충 약 복용 / Inoculated annually and receives monthly heartworm medication

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