Sienna / 3 / 17KG

사람에게 놀자고 앞은 숙이고 엉덩이는 들면서 꼬리흔들며 반겨줌 산책시에도 주변 냄새 맡는것보다 사람이 만져주는걸 좋아해서 사람이 앉아서 부르면 뛰어와 배를 발라당까고 누움

Siena will welcome you wagging her tail, bowing down her head and lifting her back. Even when taking a walk, instead of sniffing around, she prefers to be pet. When you call her, she will run to you and show her belly to get belly rubs.

암컷/수컷 모두 잘 지냄/Gets along well with other dogs, both male and female

매년 접종 및 매달 심장사상충 약 복용 / Inoculated annually and receives monthly heartworm medication

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