Flight Volunteer

Hey there! Are you a dog lover looking to make a difference in the lives of furry friends? Look no further! CARE, the largest animal rights organization in South Korea, is in need of flight volunteers to help transport adopted dogs to their forever homes.

Not only will you get the satisfaction of knowing you are helping a deserving pooch, but you’ll also get the added bonus of free in-flight snuggles!*

Plus, who knows, you may even make a new best friend for life.

So why not spread your wings and sign up to be a flight volunteer for adopted dogs today? You’ll be barking mad if you don’t!

We are always searching for people to help us to bring dogs to their new home abroad.
This does not cost you anything, nor do you need to prepare anything.

*In-flight snuggles limited to small dogs who can be brought with you in the cabin.

Just Bring Yourself!

Several days before departure we will confirm the schedule with you, we will meet 3 hours before departure time at the decided upon check-in counter. An official from the airport will guide the dog towards the airplane.

All costs will be paid for by CARE Korea.
Just prepare your passport and your own flight ticket 🙂

This differs per location. We will let you know after your application.

Korean Air: People under 19 are allowed to volunteer if a caretaker is present.

Asiana Airlines: People under 19 cannot volunteer.

Indirect flights might also be eligible for flight volunteering, but there needs to be sufficient transit time and there could be different regulations depending on the transit region or country. Please let us know your flight schedule when you apply.

Flight volunteering is possible under all circumstances. The purpose of travel does not matter.

Please discuss this with our staff when you apply.

It is possible that there is no more space for the animal in the airplane. In that case, flight volunteering cannot go ahead.

If there are no CARE dogs confirmed for travel around your departure time,  we can arrange for a  dog to travel with you from one of our partners.

We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Please allow for some time to sort out schedules and regulations.